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Using FundRaiser in your Arts and Cultural Organization

Operating as both a business and a nonprofit, arts and cultural organizations have a unique challenge among our customers. Patrons may or may not be members; donors may or may not be patrons. All of these different scenarios means that your organization must be exact with your record-keeping and contact management. This is where FundRaiser comes in.

FundRaiser Software is designed to provide a 360-degree view of all of your contacts, be they donors, patrons, members, potential donors, media contacts... everything is stored in one powerful, intuitive donor and customer relationship management solution.

A donation to MPDSF isn't an automatic membership. People make donations without asking for membership. Membership indicates an additional level of loyalty. Also, some of our members are involved in securing higher donations, through networking. FundRaiser helps us keep track of all of this, so we always know who our valued members and donors are." -Dave S., Museum of Performance & Design


Use FundRaiser donor management software to help your organization:

  • Keep a complete record of everyone who has had any type of contact with your organization in one intuitive database
  • Manage complex Membership records, easily keeping track of expiration dates, membership levels, benefits, renewal rates, and more
  • Create and execute effective campaigns & events, with detailed tracking for invitees, attendees, sponsorships, ROI, and more
  • Build powerful online event registration pages, with information flowing seamlessly into FundRaiser
  • Create beautiful, customized online donations forms, view and update information on the forms in real-time from FundRaiser.

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