Web-based Training


FundRaiser webinars are state-of-the-art live virtual meetings between you and one of our highly-trained FundRaiser techs. These sessions are designed to help get you up to speed very quickly. They are so much better than the old methods of learning by trial-and-error or by reading manuals and help files.

Because the webinar occurs on your own computer, it also keeps your training costs down. No travel, lodgings or meals. Classes are conveniently scheduled in one-hour segments, with you sitting at whatever computer works best for you. We’ve found the one-hour length is ideal to get into a topic, yet not overload you with too much information at one time.

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Training is held on the following days: Tuesdays | Wednesdays | Thursdays at 10am and 3pm Central Time
(8am Pacific/9am Mountain/11am Eastern and 1pm Pacific/2pm Mountain/4pm Eastern)

You will need to register at least one day prior to the session you wish to take, and you will need a current Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) and one training credit for each session, except the Overview session which is free to all users with current AMP.

Overview Session

This is a fast, simple way to get an introduction to the program. The Overview session is free, and never uses up training credits and can be taken as many times as you like. For those who are brand new to FundRaiser, we find that it can be very beneficial to take this class twice. The first session gives you a good orientation as to where things are and how things work. The second time you take it, you will pick up lots of useful details that you missed the first time through. We also offer this session recorded in our Customer Portal.

Other Topics

Many different Training Topics are offered to help you learn how to get the most out of FundRaiser Software. Scheduled sessions are posted monthly. The most important sessions for new users are:

  • Coding and Spare Fields
  • Word Processor/Mail Merge
  • Reports
  • Groupings

If you are using one of the modules, like Pledges or Membership, you may want to take the training on that after you have taken some of the core sessions listed above.

Training Credits

Our Starter Training Package is included with each purchase of Select or Professional. The Starter Package includes three training credits and Overview sessions. Training credits are used to "purchase" training sessions. With the exception of the live Overview, which is free, all sessions require one credit. You can always purchase additional training credits for $50.00 each (discount available for multiple credits) by calling your Sales Representative, or upgrade to our Premium Training Package for $250. The Premium Package includes five training credits and three recorded sessions on Video CD.

Onsite Training

Onsite training is the most efficient and cost-effective training available for your development staff - in just 2-5 days, your staff will become comfortable with the FundRaiser interface, and be able to perform any task necessary. Onsite training is the best choice for organizations seeking to train several staff members quickly, for one flat fee, and without the hassle of travel. Your team will receive the same message at the same time, creating a synergy and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Learn More