This page is intended to be a resource for FundRaiser customers and interested parties to learn more about what is coming for the FundRaiser Family of products. This is not a technical document and will be a very high level view of what we are working on. Rarely will we include timelines or release dates until we are very close to release. It is simply meant as a resource for those of you who would like to know what will the future holds for your software. If you have questions about what you read here, we encourage you to give us a call - we love to talk about what we're working on! With that said, we hope you are as excited about the future of FundRaiser as we are.


It is not an understatement to say that the current FundRaiser interface isn't a thing of beauty. It is bulky and outdated and needs attention. Over the years, as new features have been added, the interface has become busier with a whole host of buttons, tabs, and fields. We get it - it's time for a facelift and we're on it. We are working to modernize the interface with a combination of new skins for FundRaiser, which will change the look and feel of the tabs and buttons, as well as a complete reorganization of the interface and the way that you, the user, will interact with the software. A couple of things to look forward to are:

  • A more streamlined way to navigate through the database by moving, re-imagining, and/or removing existing tabs
  • Updated processes for adding, removing or editing information
  • More visual graphs and live reports for common information
  • A new profile view with collapsible fields containing the most useful information about your donors

But worry not - we are leaving a function in FundRaiser that will allow you to revert to the current interface if you simply prefer things as they are. This is big and we think you're going to love it!


Compartments are a way for organizations to isolate certain sets of data - much like Groupings, except that the data in Compartments is completely separate. This will greatly enhance the capability of organizations to manage separate datasets. It can be used to:

  • Separate Volunteers from the rest of the contacts in FundRaiser
  • Manage entirely different groups of donors, like major donors who are only interested in donating when there is a Capital Campaign, for example
  • Manage data for different organizations. This will be useful for consultants and fundraising professionals who manage the development work of multiple organizations
  • Manage data for different regions. Many organizations work in multiple regions and wish to keep the donors separate

Compartments will be a very powerful extension to FundRaiser's existing capabilities.


You've been asking for integration with other programs like ConstantContact, and we are about to deliver. Our developers are working to boost our API so that FundRaiser can seamlessly integrate with more third party products. This will greatly expand the functionality of the software and allow you to do more with your data. With an improved API, it will be possible to integrate with products such as ConstantContact, wealth mining software, online event platforms, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more.