• QuickBooks® Integration  ($500)
    This module enables FundRaiser to "talk" to QuickBooks so that when you enter a donation or pledge in FundRaiser, it is automatically entered into QuickBooks for you. Please note that the ability to import from QuickBooks is a standard import option in both FundRaiser Select and Professional, and does not require the use of this module. The module is needed only to send FundRaiser data to QuickBooks.
  • Pledges  ($300)
    These are for donors who make multi-payment pledges, like $3,000 over 4 years, with $200 payments made each quarter and a final balloon payment of $800 (or as simple as $20/month for a year). You choose which pledgers should receive reminder letters or overdue notices. Reports include a status report, an income projection report, a statistical report, and a campaign (pledge and gift) report.
  • Tributes  ($300)
    This is for organizations who have in-memory-of or in-honor-of gifts. With it, you record not only who gave, but in whose memory or honor it was given, and who the donor should be acknowledged to (often the surviving spouse). It's easy to print those acknowledgment letters, specifying the names (and addresses and amounts, if desired) of the donors. It's also easy to print or create a file containing a listing of honorees and donors in a format suitable for pasting into a newsletter.
  • StarDonor Integration   ($500)
    Offer your donors the convenience of donating on your website anytime they are inspired to do so. This module fully automates the process of accepting and recording online donations.
  • Volunteer Management   ($300)
    Perfect both for volunteer-driven nonprofits and for those with less sophisticated efforts. Track volunteer status and work history. Schedule individuals, groups, or teams based on their skills and availability. Print welcome and work evaluation letters, and generate a variety of reports for efficient management.
  • Memberships  ($300)
    This is for membership-based organizations, especially for those whose expiration dates are scattered throughout the year. It makes it easy to send out renewal letters a month or so before their expiration date. It's also especially easy to print labels for newsletters and other membership mailings. Reports include a status report, a statistical report, and a 4-year comparison report.
  • Wintix Integration  ($500)
    Turn your ticket buyers into donors! This module is for theater groups who sell tickets to their performances. It is an integration package, rather than the actual ticket-sales program itself. It integrates with Wintix and Tixsales from Center Stage Software. The integration software automatically updates in two directions, from FundRaiser to Wintix, and from Wintix to FundRaiser. The module also enables you to view past ticket purchases from within FundRaiser, and includes Wintix data in FundRaiser backups, if desired. You can also run queries (we call them Groupings in FundRaiser) of Wintix data from within FundRaiser, in combination with FundRaiser data (people who bought tickets during the past two years who have not yet donated). (This module does not include the cost of Wintix software. Module works for Wintix versions 3, 4 and 5.)  Click4 Tix and WebTix is NOT Supported currently.
  • Product Sales  ($300)
    This is for those who have a catalog of products to sell. It produces invoices and helpful reports. It handles partial shipments, backorders, and gift orders with ease. It's also easy to combine a product sale with an extra gift - just ask if the purchaser would like to round the amount of the order up to an even number (like $50) - the difference is a tax deductible donation.
  • Premiums  ($300)
    This module is ideal for public radio and TV stations who give premiums in return for donations. It prints shipping labels, keeps track of out-of-stock items, and includes several helpful reports.
  • Phonathon  ($300)
    Perfect for radio stations or organizations that have phonathons or sharathons. Set goals for the day, hour or a specified period and track the gifts that are pledged toward these goals. Displays the totals in a format that is easily read by the on-air talent.