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The FundRaiser Family is a collection of three intuitive donor management programs, all of which can be installed locally or hosted for secure online access. Our software offers users the peace of mind that comes with knowing that sensitive donor data is well-protected from potential problems.

All three FundRaiser programs "climb the ladder" of capability and sophistication. You can start at the level that is appropriate for you now, and upgrade later as your organization and needs evolve. Upgrading is easy and economical; your data converts from one program to another in a simple and quick operation and 100% of your previous purchase is applied to the cost of the next program.

FundRaiser Professional (interest-free installment plan available) is our flagship program, and the real workhorse of the Family. It contains dozens of powerful, easy-to-build reports, merge functions, and enhanced Grouping criteria. User-defined fields make the sorting and reporting functionality virtually limitless. Professional boasts powerful features not found in any other FundRaiser program.

FundRaiser Select (interest-free installment plan available) features unlimited coding, extensive data fields, powerful Query flexibility, built in reports, a top-notch word processor, and a multi-user option. Select is designed to grow with your organization by offering the flexibility to build upon its features and functionality with a full suite of expansion modules.

FundRaiser Expansion Modules are included in FundRaiser Professional and are available as optional expansions to FundRaiser Select to customize your application.

Using any of the FundRaiser programs will help you to grow. By increasing the time you have to devote to direct fundraising, it helps you to increase your contributions. As both you and your organization grow, the decision to step up to the more sophisticated features and techniques of the next FundRaiser programs will be a natural progression.

All our programs are guaranteed... if after giving it a good try, you're not happy with a FundRaiser program, send it back for a full refund. We are dedicated to giving you what you need to make your fundraising work easier and smoother.

Case Studies
Is FundRaiser donor management software right for you? Will it solve the particular problems facing your organization? The following case studies cover a wide variety of organizations and fundraising activities, and show how many of the features of FundRaiser work in real life situations.

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American Bear Association

When Carolyn Malcolm became Program Coordinator for the American Bear Association, its membership numbers were not increasing. “Our membership numbers were holding fairly steady, but they weren’t increasing like they should have been. New members were replacing ones that didn’t renew. The problem was that we didn’t have a renewal system in place. People didn’t know to renew so we were loosing too many old members,” recalls Carolyn.

The American Bear Association maintains a sanctuary where visitors can observe bears in the wild. Members help support the educational mission of promoting a better understanding of bears. “We have membership levels: $30 for a basic membership, $100 for the next level, and $250 for the top level,” says Carolyn.

The organization was using FundRaiser Basic. Carolyn looked it over and decided they needed something more. “We send out a newsletter four times a year and I couldn’t find a convenient way to keep track of expiration dates in Basic. For that reason, we upgraded to FundRaiser Select,” Carolyn says.

Moving from Basic to Select

The data moved well from Basic to Select. The automatic duplicate record checking in Select helped catch extra records. “There were lots of multiple entries, so having those pointed out has helped. The data was put in interestingly because we have so many people working in the database. I’ve been manually fixing it. Other then that, the move went smoothly.”

Membership is climbing

With FundRaiser Select, the American Bear Association has been able to keep track of membership renewal dates, and send timely reminders. “Now we put expiration stickers on the newsletter when a member’s term is up. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about that. Memberships have been increasing since we’ve started. Select is working.”

Says Gina Mankus, office manager for the American Bear Association, “For many members, it’s been three years since they signed up. The stickers are getting them back.”

Returning members make up for economic downturn

Increased membership renewals are closing the gap left by impact of the poor economy. “Expiration stickers are making up for the losses brought on by the economy,” says Carolyn. Gina agrees. “We aren’t getting many new members because of the economy, but the renewal stickers have really helped. Now we’re increasing our membership,” says Gina.
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